Stacks! Part 1

by sarahmfry, February 01, 2011
David called me today and asked me to check to see if he had a particular book here.  So I went to his book stacks in our room beside our bed.  There are always stacks of books around here, and I was amused at the variety of books in his stacks right now.  Thought it was interesting.

I can see that some of them are probably dissertation-related.  Some are for the worldview study guide he's preparing for publishing.  Some are for "keeping up" with current theological issues.  And some are just for his own personal growth, multi-hat-wearing and amusement.  He's a neat fella, he is.

Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers - William G. Droms & Jay O. Wright
Explaining Hitler - Ron Rosenbaum
I Promise - Dr. Gary Smalley
Perspectives On Your Child's Education 4 Views - Mark Eckel
The End of Time - A Meditation on the Philosophy of History - Josef Pieper
The Universe Next Door - James W. Sire
In Defence of Christianity - Brian Hebblethwaite
Humankind, A Brief History - Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Introducing Theological Interpretation of Scripture, Recovering a Christian Practice - Daniel J. Treier
Naming the Elephant, Worldview as a Concept - James W. Sire


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