Lilly Mansion at Christmas

Our friends the Durgans invited us to go to see the Lilly Mansion all bedecked in Christmas finery. Some elements of the home reminded me of the grand house in which I grew up....the butler's pantry, the back servant staircase from the kitchen, the chandeliers, the silver and china......It was wonderful.

Reminds me so much of mama's buffet at Christmas.

Now THAT'S desk that inspires writing.

Our favorite room was, of course, the library.  I'm afraid we may have left drool on the carpets.  Someday, maybe we will have a fine, grand library with a fireplace and lots of deep reading chairs.  And shelves to the ceiling for our thousands of books (most of which now wait patiently in storage boxes.)

And we were pretty crazy about the secret staircase between the master bedroom and the library.  The man of the house had it installed so he could go from his room directly to his library below without going clear across the house to the main staircase.  Hilarious and Brilliant.


Juwah said…
Beautiful. I'm with you though. I'm so content with my little house, but something inside dreams of one large room with shelves to the ceiling and leather chairs annnndd.....Oh where was I? Sorry, got lost in the dream for a minute there. Well, if not here on earth, surly our mansions in heaven will have a library. :)

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