Epiphany 2011

in , by sarahmfry, January 14, 2011
Well, I didn't really plan ahead for our Epiphany meal this year.  In fact, I sorta forgot.  But I don't think I did a very good job of keeping it simple.  We sorta made some messes.  I'm just such a kid.  I ended up running to the store while supper was in the oven to grab a few things we "needed" for our celebration....And I even pulled out the china and Grandma's pink depression crystal....Why keep that stuff in the china cabinet?  Better to break a valuable piece while making memories than keep them safe all gathering dust. 

Anyway,  we had a big time. 

Kayla was in charge of making some King crowns for everyone.  She's our crafter.

Caiden wanted a "boy one" like daddy.   I didn't tell him he looked more like the Karate Kid than a Magi.  But he certainly did look like a boy.  Mission accomplished.

What a charmer in his doggy pj's....

 Caiden - reading a royal proclamation very officially

This year, we wrote our "Gifts to Jesus" on our crowns.  We put them out with our shoes so that the magi could take them when they went to see little Jesus.

The gifts for Jesus were very meaningful again this year, but I won't share details....it was personal.

A Toast!  To 2011! 
                              Hear! Hear!

 Karissa (our baker) was in charge of the Kings Cake

A jar of ready-made icing warmed and melted and drizzled onto a box cake mix. Add candles and sparkly icing and jewels.  Perfect.

We did some winter crafting.....
                  our very favorite snowflakes.

And we put out our shoes with straw for the Kings' camels..... and our gifts for Jesus.

The next morning I had quite a mess to face.  But it was awfully fun to hear the kids exclaim..."The wisemen left us gifts!" As they grabbed their treats on the way out the door to school the next morning.

I certainly don't begin to think that this celebration is a "must-have" or "should-do" for any family.  But it is one of those traditions, for us,  that is part of our family glue....memories that bind us together for the future.  I doubt if they'll remember too many deep spiritual lessons from these nights together.  But I guarantee you they'll remember that we were together.

And that's worth a mess.


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