by sarahmfry, January 28, 2011
I'm pretty much in love, just so you know.  He is my best friend.  I love living with him.  I love learning from him.  For awhile I was a fairly mixed-up girl, theologically.  Actually, I think I was straighter than I realized but couldn't find the "permission" to make my theological ends meet.  Anyway...along came David.  Mandy (Mimier) Buckland bragged him up to me. Told me about that creased paper he kept in his wallet with the qualities he was looking for in a wife.  He sounded interesting, so I took a look.  Liked what I saw.  But he was so cotton-pickin' FOCUSED, I wasn't sure he'd ever see me back.  But I guess maybe he did.

It's a long, wonderful story....

Anyway, So now I have my very own personal theologian.  Who loves God with a steadfast passion. Who lives what he believes.  And the more he learns the deeper it takes him.

He is also my very own personal Marilla, attempting to keep my proverbial feet as near the ground as possible.  (Good luck with that, hon.)

He's a very busy man. But he has recently started blogging a little more.  He might not always say it the way you're used to.  You might not always understand him (kinda ticks me off when he talks over my head, if you must know...) You might even disagree with him occasionally. (Trust me, he can handle it.)  But I guarantee he'll make you think.

Check him out here.


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