The Great Delta Disaster and other blessings

by sarahmfry, November 06, 2010
I feel like I have been riding quite a whirlwind lately:

Tuesday:  David left for Aldersgate until Thursday after a huge, unexpected windstorm blew our yard to pieces and wrapped our shed around the clothesline

Wednesday:   finished packing for Idaho trip, laid out clothes for all the kids for school and church, generally scurried around like a decapitated chicken, finished up make-up lessons so I could make it to the airport in time Thursday

Thursday:  Started teaching day at 8:30 (with the boys in tow!), laughed and accepted when Mrs. Coleman offered to let the boys (1 and 4) stay in their classroom when I left for my second teaching location.  She's awesome.  Finished teaching at 3:00.  David was home from Aldersgate, had picked up the kids and was practically in the car ready to go when I got home.  Rushed to the airport.  Walked in and started using the self-check-in when they evacuated the entire Delta section because of an abandoned bag.  Stood around forever with dozens of people, watching the bag sit mysteriously in the middle of the airport while all of our flights took off without us. I found out my flight had been cancelled anyway due to "mechanical problems". After the bomb guy came and checked out the bag we all crammed into lines.  An older "gentleman" got ticked because in the crowds some of us inadvertantly got into his beloved Sky Advantage line.  I humbly moved to another enormously long line with the other cancelled-flight victims to await the great Delta agents' help.  Amazingly, they got me a flight for the next morning (6:15 departure) that would get me to Lewiston Idaho by midmorning on Friday!  I went back home, went to bed and slept a few minutes.

Friday:  got up at 3:30 am, drove the hour to the airport, parked in long-term parking and ran to security.  I narrowly avoided disaster at security because I forgot that I was carrying on my suitcase instead of checking it (that's what I get for trying to save 25 bucks).  I didn't think I had time to run back to the Delta ticketing counters to check my bag, so I began going through my suitcase taking out anything over 3 ounces.  My greatest sadness was my huge bottle of expensive Romance perfume.  The kind airport security man had mercy on me and let me keep about half of my items, including my beloved perfume!  (Oh, the small joys of life) I quickly walked to my gate and boarded my plane without any problems.  But we sat.  and sat. and sat.  We learned from the kind Delta pilot that the delay was because of the apparent flushing malfunction in the aft bathrooms.  Unfortunately, the FAA has rules about such things and so 45 minutes later, we all de-boarded and gathered into yet another mile-long line waiting for the assistance of the Delta problem-solving team.  There were no good options to Lewiston.  So we finally decided on a series of flights that would get me to Lewiston by 10:30 Friday Idaho time.  We would have to cancel the Friday night opening session.  After 9 and a half hours in the Indy airport, and a total of 3 flights and  4 airports, I got to bed Friday night in Clarkston, Washington at 2:30 Indy time after being up for 23 hours.  I had a good night's rest in the brand new guest room of a beautiful home,

Saturday morning: woke up before my alarm and took a quick run along the beautiful Snake River before heading to Hellar Bar and boarding a boat that would take us to the gorgeous lodge up the Snake River in Hell's Canyon for a youth retreat.  The first session began as soon as I put my luggage in my room and we had three sessions, ate good food, played some games and ended the day with a bonfire on the beach and some wonderful singing. (Those kids can really sing!)

Sunday: after our morning session and delicious lunch, we piled onto the boat and headed back to Hellar Bar.  After gathering my thoughts for the evening service and practicing a duet with Tyrel Dayton (the boy can sing!) we headed to the Sunday Evening service.  It was so good to be with those wonderful people again and see what God is doing for their church.  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with some of the couples after the service before grabbing a few hours of sleep.

Monday:  4:00 am came quickly and I discovered that tiny Idaho airports are very serious about their security!  I have flown a lot, and I beep pretty much every single time I go through a metal detector, but I have never EVER experienced a "pat" down like Lewiston Idaho.....I felt positively violated.  After searching my bags and running them through x-ray twice I boarded that now-waiting plane.

I had 3 flights, 4 airports on Monday - making it to each one just in time to board with very few minutes to spare.  I arrived back home at about 6:30 that evening to a houseful of up-chucking children. But it was oh-so-good to be home to my handsome hubby and jubilant kids and squeezable, kissing baby.

Tuesday:  I did mountains of sick-kid laundry and dealt with baby diarrhea.  Tuesday is a blur in my memory.

Wednesday:  more sickness...and we began singing for a revival at the Village Park Bible Methodist church in Westfield

Thursday:  All day teaching, drop kids off at soup supper, drive to Westfield for Revival

Friday:  I did house cleaning, ran errands, and came back home to get everyone ready for Revival that night. I do not understand the mysteries of such things, but all four of our children decided to have TOTAL meltdowns at that time.  Tears and grief and agony beyond comprehension as we dressed and combed and practiced.  There was a very happy break in the weeping and wailing  when it started really snowing outside an we took a break to go outside and celebrate.

We have been thoroughly enjoying the ministry of Rev. Richard Miles during the revival and the fellowship of some wonderful people.

Saturday:  I have been attempting unsuccessfully to have a little quiet mommy-time this morning.  I wish I had a dollar or ten for every interruption I've had during the writing of this long and boring post.  My goals today are:  prepare Saturday night and Sunday night Revival clothes for this family of 6.  Teach a make-up lesson, upload Wedding pictures, finish editing and making discs for another wedding, put the finishing touches on revival music, figure out a way for David and I to do our Long Run together today without the kids (or maybe just pound out an hour-and-a-half on the treadmill?), and be sure everyone has at least some bowls of cereal to eat throughout the day.  Oh.  And maybe some basic dishes and laundry.
Huh.  Wonder how much of that I'll accomplish today.  Right now I'm considering sliding my freezing toes back into the warm covers and disappearing.  My normally laughing, jolly baby is a cranky, pooping grouch.  The kids are taking turns making verbal jabs at one another and wailing (thus needing the patient, firm & gentle training of their wise, well-rested and inspired mother). Yes.  Well.

But the funny thing is, I'm not discouraged.  (That could change at a moment's notice, mind-you.  Don't ask me how I'll feel in 10 minutes when I re-emerge from my quiet place.) But for now I am quietly enjoying the undeserved blessings of a snowy November day.  The blessings list is pouring out  is getting too long for this post, so I'm going to cut and paste it into a new post to follow.....


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