No Internet

by sarahmfry, October 26, 2010

Just a little update from our neck of the woods:

We are waiting on a new internet bridge to arrive so that we can re-establish our internet connection. It has been a pretty long break this time.  And it's interesting:  instead of finding that our lives are suddenly so much more beautiful and placid because the horrid time-waster was gone, I have found that the internet is actually a very intricate and necessary and good part of our lives.  (Interpretation:  I'm going bonkers without it!)

What I miss the most:
  • balancing my checkbook
  • paying bills/working with online accounts
  • my online radio stations!!
  • focus on the family broadcasts while I do dishes
  • writing the occasional blog
  • checking the weather (If we had been prepared for the huge wind storm this morning, we might have saved our whelping shed!)
  • online airline check-in
  • google
  • craigslist - for general time-wasting and very specific purchases
  • looking up the exact recipe I need, when I need it,  with specific ingredients
  • answering emails and keeping in touch when I need to

What I do miss some, but not so much:

And I have been strangely pleased to find out that I'm just as busy in my little home - even without the internet!  It is not a completely evil culprit, but a very valuable tool that I miss.

I have camped out at my in-laws this morning and have paid bills and accessed accounts and caught up for now!  Now I return to my internet-free zone to do the rest of my day. 

David just left for Aldersgate and then I leave Thursday for Idaho, so maybe

after all the travels are o'er,
we'll be back online once more!

Until then, remember:  Only 9 weeks 'till Christmas!

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