Silly, silly girl

by sarahmfry, September 24, 2010
Guess what I'm doing?  Cleaning house and doing laundry to dinner music by candlight in the middle of the day!  Isn't that cool?!  It is an overcast, blustery day I was feeling I lit a slew of scented candles and turned on the dinner music over the speakers throughout the house. (Don't worry - the baby is safely sleeping and there are lamps too, so I can see what I'm cleaning.) 

I don't even care if you roll your eyes and shake your head at me.  I think probably the only way to enjoy home blessing (flylady's term for house-cleaning) day more is to hire someone!

I'm also giddy-excited because I might buy a new (used) fridge today (my freezer has been broken for awhile).  And I'm planning on making a really low offer on a used outdoor fireplace for my gazebo and I think I'll be coming home with it! 

Gonna have to hurry-scurry if I'm going to finish by the time the girls and David get home from school.

Happy Friday!

Update:  New-to-us fridge is wonderful and bigger than our old one!!!  We went to see the outdoor fireplace, but it was totally falling apart..... a very bad experience.  I'll have to just keep watching craigslist.

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