Refocus on Blessings

by sarahmfry, September 15, 2010
Where do days like this come from?  Two days ago I am overwhelmed with intense perspective.  But then today comes...a perfectly normal day when I got to sleep in until 7:00 and David had an hour to help me with a special project and nothing has really gone how in the world could I be discouraged!  Can't blame this one on hormones or sleep or nutrition or even stress.  So why these morning tears?  Why the dump-session on my helpful, handsome, unsuspecting husband? Why this discouragement?

I sit in the rocker reading and singing to Corin before his morning nap and I sing new words to a favorite song....

I give all my worries to you.
I give all my worries to you. 
And no matter the cost, or what others do
I give all my worries to you.

I sing more verses, put in the things - one by one -  that trouble me....

I give all my budget to you
I give all my budget to you
And no matter the cost, or what others do
I give all my budget to you.

Sounds a little silly when you're singing it, but it helps.  My mind zooms through my frustrations in light of my priorities and some perspective returns.

Then I'm in the basement, rebooting the laundry and praying when it hits me.  Duh!  You need to focus on your blessings, you sillyhead!  I start saying out loud the praises that come pouring. 

Ah! That's better...oh so much better!

I hurry upstairs to blog my praise.   
  • My squeezable babies
  • A hugemongous yard for the kids and a church parking lot for bikes and trikes and rollerblades and races
  • My beautiful Gazebo - our "back porch"
  • The budgeting wisdom of Dave Ramsey, which helps us to save strategically for a few beautiful "wants"  like the gazebo
  • Our dogs and our kennels and the shed
  • My incredible elliptical, (which I won for free 8 years ago when I was a member at Victory) which makes crosstraining a breeze
  • The washing machine I inherited from a rental property when my washer broke...which doubles the amount of laundry I can do in a load!!
  • The high efficiency dryer we found on craigslist cheap when my dryer broke
  • An oven/stove almost exactly like the one we had borrowed when our stove quit working - found on Craigslist for $35.00 !!! (Muchas Blessings on the guy who invented Craigslist.  Can I get a witness?!)
  • A deep freeze in the basement (gifted from my mom) to keep all the food from our freezer upstairs which has broken
  • The gift of living in a small house where we are all together no matter what we do - not all spread out in a big, huge house with lots of rooms and stairs
  • A big living room where we gather to  read and sing and play and pray
  • The gift of learning that less is more
  • These beautiful, breezy days and cool nights
  • More than enough good, healthy food

  • A little dark chocolate now and then I realize that most of my praise list is pretty temporal.  But I am truly grateful. And this stuff is affects my daily life.  And this is where I am today.  I'm having a day when I want to just grab the debit card and go spend money!  Lots of it! And poo poo to the budget and bills and priorities.  Yeah.  Real mature, I know.  You can just pray for me.

Have a blessings day, All!


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