April Kids

Kayla Rose

Karissa Joy

Caiden Troy

Corin Lane

Okay, so now I'm feeling overwhelmed by blessings.....


Deanna Mander said…
Oh I can't stand it and love it at the same time! I just want to give them a big auntie de hug! I miss you guys!
~Regina~ said…
Your kids are simply adorable and growing up oh so fast! :)
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed looking at the ketchup blogs:) I can't believe Corin is going to be ONE this month!!! Where does the time go?! I loved the picture of Caiden sleeping under his dinosaur book! Your kids and (puppies) are too cute! Love ya girl! ~ McLeggs
Sarah Cook said…
You have beautiful children.
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog a while back... believe it or not, I didn't see it till today. I was wondering who you were talking about. Honestly, I think the thoughts of cancer is almost warping my brain... I have an overwhelming fear of cancer... it helps to do something that has nothing to do with sickness. It was fun checking out your blog today.
Ronda said…
Loved the cute pics of your adorable kids...Hope that you guys are having a great summer! :)

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