He fills the longing soul with good things. Ps. 107:9



April Kids

Kayla Rose

Karissa Joy

Caiden Troy

Corin Lane

Okay, so now I'm feeling overwhelmed by blessings.....

April wedding pictures....

My friend, Jonelle Barnard did a great job as second shooter on this one....


April Puppies

Then, of course, there was the whole litter-of-puppies-thing.  Nothing like 4 kids and a dozen dogs to make a seriously fun household!

Gotta love the pile of puppies on the kitchen floor....
Our ex-vet-tech-friend Paul Durgan graciously removed the dew claws from all of our puppies.


This litter was a bit sad, because it is Max and Mya's last litter. (Mya had a C-section and her uterus tore.) We seriously loved the looks of the puppies they produced.  But there is promise for the future....


April at Home 2010

Caiden falls asleep reading a Dinosaur book
The only benefit to a broken dryer in a family of six....this sight.

We *heart* wishing flowers

And Tulips

And Spring Buds of every kind.....



I have been debating whether or not to try to Catch Up on my blogging.  I sometimes have these bouts of "ketchup" blogging....like banging on the bottom of a glass ketchup bottle and you get a little more than you bargained for.  All-or-nothing, that's me.

I realize that blogging has been (currently) rather overshadowed by the facebook phenomenon, but not so much for me.  This is where I stop and take the time to remember. And when I remember and think and type and post, it's just good for me, I guess.  Gives me perspective. 

I could use some of that right now. 

So I'm going to at least post a few pictures from the last few wonderful months.  I've just finished organizing my photo folders for April, May and June.  So I'll start there, where I left off with this picture just befor IHC in April.


Post from the past

(Insomnia has once again driven me to the computer.  I fear I have forgotten how to blog.  But I did find a couple of drafts from the last few months that were never finished and posted.  Here's one from May.... Actually - I'm getting the writing itch again...but I can't figure out where to jump in.  My thoughts tonight seem a little to much after such a long writing absence.)

I haven't blogged my brain for so long.  And I really don't have time today.  It's mid-May, which means this household is zooming along at the speed of life.  I have heads of hair to wash and lessons to teach and dishes to do and laundry to fold and suitcases to pack, puppies to feed and floors to sweep and (from the sounds I'm hearing) bottoms to beat.

But I am still here, still kicking.  Having lots of thoughts and tons of bloggable days, but not lots of down time for recording those days.

I had a pressing thought when I started this post, but the sibling obnoxiousness is distracting me and I see that my lessons are approaching very quickly. 

But just for now, I'll share a happy thought...

Last night David and I had an absolutely wonderful date to celebrate....He got a "clear pass" on all four of his PhD comps!  It is possible to pass comps at various levels, some requiring or recommending further study.  But he passed at the highest level possible on all.

Congrats, hon.  I'm your number one fan.

We went to Maggianos to celebrate - it was an absolutely wonderful evening.


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