in , by sarahmfry, April 08, 2010
We were all a flurry of bowls and colors and sparkles and eggs.  It was a joyful mess.  And we oohed and aaahhed and praised one another's creations.  And every once in awhile you would hear the crackly thud of another boiled egg-creation hitting the floor or table.....Dropped.  And cracked. 

And  now, after the colors and the bowls are long gone, I keep remembering....when Caiden dropped his favorite egg, that he made for his little frog.  And the disappointment in his big brown eyes started to surface.  But then the girls reassured him and reminded him...

"The Cracks Make It More Beautiful"

And I think of the jumble of colors that I am and the cracks about me.

Yes, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit cracked up.  Some of it I can laugh about.  Some of it I can't, yet.

And I remember that the pieces of me that need mending are glued together with the strongest glue ever....Him. 

And what once was a fragile and simple, single piece.....can become stronger and more complex and more beautiful than ever as the strength and color and shimmer of Himself fills in my cracked places and holds me together.

And that's just beautiful......


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