Multitude Monday (on Tuesday - Again)

in , by sarahmfry, March 16, 2010
Counting Blessings, Accepting Gifts, Embracing His Beauty

#74 - The gift of friendship with neighbor -the joy of him coming over just to show off his new truck.  He just makes me smile.

#75 - Helpful neighbor building us a straw path (cutting & spreading heavy frozen bales) through the spring muck & mud - simply because he watches our girls walk to Sunday School and wants a nicer path for them.

#76 - Watching Husband & Son walk to church......watching him want to be like his godly Daddy.
#77 - Sisters on the new path - heading to Sunday School classes that they love! It is such a weekly joy for me to watch them walk over to our church.

#78 - Bubby helping daddy build a floor for the new puppy shed.

#79 - Baby smiles and giggles and drool  (can't get enough of him!)

#80 - Seasons and spring and sunshine through windows!
#81 - A robin to greet my morning & the sound of so many birds again!

#82 - The settledness of doing the right thing when tempted
#83 - Phone calls from overseas big sis
#84 - Phone call from mentor-friend who loves and cares
#85 - Brilliant Husband who wants me with him.
#86 - Loving Mother-in-law who watches grandkids to give us time.

Thank you, Abba, for these multitudes of daily gifts!

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