Happy season

by sarahmfry, March 05, 2010
The kids don't have school today.  I love it when they all have the day off!  It feels right to have them all here, and we like to use those Fridays off to do "afterschooling" activities.  We're planning a nature walk (it's been so long) and maybe we'll even create a nature table

But right now.... All four of them (from the 7-month old to the 7-year old) are in the living room creating a huge cave out of blankets.  When I walked in, Kayla pointed to the two brown canvas bags full of 40 library books placed strategically by the orange car seat and warned me to "be careful, that's the fire!"  There's a secret code that must be pushed into the piano pedals....  Baby Corin is even playing somewhere in a room of the cave. 

Having four kids so close in age is a challenge, to be sure.  I look at families whose kids are spaced more than 2-3 years apart and sometimes the sanity looks tempting.  But these moments remind me that I'm not sorry.  They are their own best friends. 

I'm loving this season of  them all being little together.....we're still in the babies-and-bottles stage.  But I'm also very much looking forward to watching them grow up together. And although I am most certainly not anxious to send any of my babies off to college, David and I do sneak a daydream or two in now and then about the empty nest years together. 

Praise the Lord.
Blessed is the man who fears the Lord. Who greatly delights in his commandments.  His offspring will be mighty in the land.  The generation of the upright will be blessed.
~ Psalm 112:1-2
Last night I came in from buying groceries to find all four sacked out in the living room after devotions with daddy.  They were having their own slumber party.  Even the baby was conked out on the floor.  Sweet, precious.

I'm off to rescue baby Corin.  He is officially DONE with the cave experience.  : )


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