Daybook: A Quiet Night

in , by sarahmfry, March 09, 2010
This is an interesting new kind of blog post I found here.  I had fun trying it!

::Outside My Window::
A beautiful crisp spring night.....and a brand new shed for our new litter of puppies coming soon!

::I am Listening to::
Casting Crowns – “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”  (via my itunes)

and then

Pachabel’s Cannon in D (Caiden’s favorite nightly “wulwabye” via youtube)

:: I am wearing ::
Some favorite Comfy Clothes & blue socks that don’t match

:: I am Thankful For::
A long, fun supper visit at my table with my friend Lyndsey. All sorts of conversation over Chinese takeout!

:: I am Pondering::
How should I present Lent to the kids this year? Any ideas?

:: I am Reading::
Having trouble settling and focusing on one book right now for my own reading. (a bad  habit of mine)

Just began a new read-aloud nature study book with the kids that we’re already crazy about after one chapter...The Burgess Bird Book for Children just arrived today...a brand new favorite!

  :: From the Kitchen::
I think I am in need of  another freezer cooking day, but I’m considering doing my own planning and doing a smaller batch. I’ve been winging the meals lately....

:: I am Thinking:
About how much I love that 3-year-old boy. He didn’t eat his supper, so he didn’t get coffee cake or anything else all evening. He’s eating an apple now. Poor, hungry boy.

:: I am Creating::
Getting close to finishing up the new website before the wedding season hits.

:: On my iPod::
(TWO) new  free audiobooks for Lent this month from !!

Finishing up The Shack.   Very theological.  Very controversial.  Very .....interesting.

 :: Towards raising hungry learners::
I absolutely love reading to and learning with the kids. I enjoyed watching them learn how to estimate amounts today (via Sid the Science Kid), and Kayla informing me of how long it takes your blood to circulate through your entire body when exercising (Bill Nye the Science Guy) and hearing all three kids repeat the call of the wren (The Burgess Bird Book For Children). Good stuff! And....I need a fresh plan for limiting screen time.

:: Towards Rhythm and Beauty:
A season of saying no on the phone so I can say yes at home. It has brought such peace to this place.

::To Live the Life:
How do I need to prepare my heart just now? I feel like Lent is getting away from me before I can get myself to still and prepare.

::I am Hoping and Praying:
For David’s Comps next week......Years   and   years of work.....(God guiding so faithfully) pass or fail! I have incredible confidence in him. The man baffles and amazes me.

:: In the Garden ::
Can’t wait to get some colorful things planted. My yard is a mud pit right now.

:: Around the House ::
A huge, massive pile of yard sale and consignment stuff waiting to be sorted and hauled outta here!!

:: On Keeping Home ::
In the kids’ rooms zone this week. I’m so ready to cull those toys -  they’ve procreated out of control. I love my schedule, but have gotten frustrated this week when I work and work and feel like it’s never done.

I am basically a day behind on my weekly schedule this week because of the stuff I did Monday (can’t even remember what all it was now!) I have a couple of empty lesson slots tomorrow morning – maybe I can get caught up then? Yeah. Right.

:: One of My Favorite Things ::
My handsomely dressed husband waking me up this morning to kiss me goodbye before leaving for the rest of the week. He’s been making my heart flutter lately. mm, mmm, MMMM! Good-lookin’ dude....

:: The Kids this week ::
Corin – just today, mastered scooting. And he figured out the leg part of crawling. Oh I’m loving every minute of him. He’s delicious. His favorite thing is eating paper. He ate Kayla’s homework. Seriously ate it! I was embarrassed to send the pace back to school with the corners chewed off.

Caiden is in a testing season. Not sure why. He’s responding with frustration instead of sweetness when I tell him anything he doesn’t want to hear. Getting some tail training, and he’ll be back to his sweet wild self.

Karissa is such a good homemaker. She mopped the floor for me today. The other day she was cheerfully scampering about and I watched her come into the kitchen, get a trash bag and empty some trash can she felt compelled to clean. Go figure.

Kayla – her love for reading is both joy and  challenge. I’ve had to remind her today not to believe everything she reads and have had to do some explaining along the way. But it’s a good thing.

This morning I found them all in their airplane (top bunk) flying to Africa (They were trying to decide which country in Africa.) After their destination was decided, I walked in later and overheard Kayla-the-tour-guide (kids’ atlas in hand) informing them that they were flying over the Hoggar Mountains in Niger....sortof like the announcements the pilots sometimes make on overseas flights.

:: A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week ::

  • Wednesday – kids and I drive to ACE Student Convention @ Ball State to be with David
  • Thursday – Lessons teaching day. Will have all 4 kids with me for an almost-complete day of teaching. Can’t wait.
  • Friday – House cleaning/Zone work day. It’s also family fun or date night day, but with David getting home from Convention we’ll probably just hang out at home.
  • Saturday – Projects day/Photography work.
:: A Quote ::

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." ~Charles Dickens


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