Daybook: March 30

in , by sarahmfry, March 30, 2010
::Outside My Window::
A bright, beautiful day on W. Freeman Street.  (I'm at my in-law's house doing our laundry.)

::I am Listening to::
Dinosaur Train - the kids are playing on the other computer.

:: I am remembering::
Or trying to remember where I laid my cell phone at home.  I feel lost without it.

::I am Thankful For::
Awesome in-laws. (Who happen to have an incredible frontloading washer and dryer set that I can use for free! Oh, how I love those machines....)

::I am Pondering::
Do I really understand the cross?  I've been feeling like I just barely scratch the surface and want to be more deeply impacted.

:: Some of what I've been reading::
Double Take - written by Jenness Walker (we grew up together as GBS campus brats
I'm enjoying it!  I brought it with me today to read between loads if I get all the other projects done I brought with me.

::From the Kitchen::
I'm just downright discouraged about cooking for this family.  But I am excited about perhaps trying my hand at leg of lamb this week for the first time ever.  And maybe some flower pot cakes (with cakemix).

 ::I am Thinking::
About a powerful video David and I watched together last night after the kids went to bed.

::I am Creating::
Ummm....Don't think I'm creating anything right now.  Oh...guess I've been creating ideas for our Passover Seder meal.  And my mind has been scheming about some exciting new locations for some upcoming photo shoots.

::On my iPod::
Haven't been using it.  It's been taken over on occasion by my quartet-belting husband

:: Towards raising hungry learners::
  • I am looking for an adequate place in our house to create a nature table.  So far the best place I can come up with is the back of the piano.  I was thinking today as I moved the pinecones, pineneedles, rocks, seashells, bug kits and other nature stuff..... that as the kids continue to observe and collect things from nature they will become more discerning collectors. 

  • We had another awesome visit to the Children's museum last week on Spring Break.  I love how that museum grows with you.   We all have a blast- from the playscapes infant area for Corin to the biotechnology lab for the whole family.  This visit David and I had some fascinating conversations with the paleontologists about how the museum acquires and names new dinosaurs.  There aren't many places where a kid can reach out and touch an authentic, real-ife T-rex leg bone while the paleontologist works on it!  And the science club is SO COOL!  This time their prizes were free meals at the Weber Grill restaurant downtown!
:: Towards Rhythm and Beauty::
It feels so good to be back in the saddle with our regular violin and cello practice and our normal weekly schedule.

::To Live the Life ::
In all my getting and doing, I want to get understanding:  this Easter season, in my marriage, in my parenting, as a friend, in my priorities.  I cry out for her.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding” (Proverbs 4:7).

 ::I am Hoping and Praying::
Towards the future.....

 :: In the Garden::
I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of annuals at the prestigious Frankfort Walmart Garden Center (Yes, I'm an uber-cool gardener).  I've got to get some color going in that yard before new families start arriving to pick up their puppies or they might turn around and leave when they see our house!

 ::Around the House::
So excited about getting some projects done - things like sorting power and computer cords.  I'm in the living room/entryway zone this week.  I cannot tell you how ready I am to get the coats packed away so we have some room to breathe by our doorways.  But it's Indiana, after all.  We could still have another blizzard, for all we know.

 ::One of My Favorite Things::
  • Cutting up fresh strawberries last night as the spring sun poured in my kitchen window
  • Having David around a little more these days
  • Watching Mya take such good care of her puppies

::The Kids this week::
Corin – two teeth, pulling up & standing, drinking from cup, feeding himself solids, human floor vacuum if left alone.....

Caiden - Anyone want to borrow a vivacious 3-year-old boy?  He's a different boy in March and April every year.  It's downright weird. He's still sweet, though.

Karissa - OH, the drama queen....But she did do the supper dishes last night!  It was awesome to be able to just do a little rinsing and putting away and go do other things while she finished.

 Kayla – Still very sick with asthma.  She's a mystery to me.  Caiden and Karissa are so verbal and in-your-face with anything and everything they are thinking and feeling at any moment.  Her introvertedness baffles me.  It's a challenge for me.

::A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week::
Looking forward to a playdate for some adult conversation at Angie's tomorrow, our Passover Seder, then maybe a date this weekend!?

:: Love this Quote! ::

"On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer."
 ~Douglas Horton

:: A Picture::
I'm on my father-in-law's computer now, so I stole this from his pictures.  A fantastic memory of a family vacation together at a lodge high up in the mountains. (Oh....Look at my baby girls! Were they really 1 and 3 on that trip?) 

Reading a story with their Grandpa Fry...

Found the "Daybook" idea here.


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