Daybook: March 24

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::Outside My Window::
Sunshine spilling out onto kennel straw and yard grass!

::I am Listening to::
Caiden's favorite version of Brahms Lullaby.  (It's naptime around here.)
The sound of Kayla's Nebulizer - after a very, very long time w/o treatments, asthma has struck again.
:: I am remembering::
A wonderful little mini-vacation we just took to Indy for Spring Break.

::I am Thankful For::
A husband who takes special time with our family.

::I am Pondering::
Where in the WORLD are those seder plates for the kids my Mom gave us?  grrrr.  I think I'm going to have to descend into the basement and do a tubs search.

:: Some of what I've been reading::
Everyday Talk by John A. Younts
The One Year Bible - New Living Translation
and as reference for upcoming Holy Week activities:
Celebrating the Christian Year - by Martha Zimmerman
::From the Kitchen::
We had Pierogies, cheesy vegetables and Black Cherry Concord Grape Juice for lunch today.
Caiden has been having eating issues lately.  Today he didn't want one bite of lunch.  He was duly warned about the consequences, and is enjoying a fast until supper. He's gonna be one hungry dude. His lonely pierogie sits forlornely on the table along with some cheesy veggies waiting to be claimed.

 ::I am Thinking::
About some things I don't like about myself.  And about an encouraging word I heard this morning from my mom.

::I am Creating::
Been working on lots of lists.  I love lists. I list things on my calendar, on my electronic sticky notes and in my daybook.  Not that creative, I guess.  But the lists do include basic ideas for some simple Holy Week ideas I'm planning!
::On my iPod::
David's been adding some songs with a southern gospel flavor lately.  That's okay.  I'll listen to southern gospel blasting through the speakers in my kitchen if it means David's home with us!
:: Towards raising hungry learners::
We've been taking advantage of the weather and have been outside more.  We just had some wonderful learning times at the Children's museum (our favorite place!) and the Indy Zoo. Not sure how much Dinosaur Train is helping them, but they're hooked.

:: Towards Rhythm and Beauty::
We're enjoying a break from our normal rhythm.  But frankly, I miss it.  Although I did very much love sleeping in this morning!
::To Live the Life ::
I'm feeling guilty for being off the envelope system. I haven't been very disciplined. Oh...ouch! I do the budget and bills around here, so I have the ability to make our financial plans succeed or fail.  I'm ready to hit the envelopes again for April! (And yes -we do believe that how we handle our finances is a humongous part of living the holy life.)

 ::I am Hoping and Praying:
That the Lord helps us to find the right dryer and stove to purchase....SOON!

 :: In the Garden::
At home:  Crocuses and now Daffodils!  And yesterday we had the privilege of experiencing the spring plants and butterflies at the White River Gardens!

 ::Around the House::
Mostly, I don't want to talk about it.

But I will say that I have been in the bedroom zone and I love the clean, open feeling of a room after zone work!
 ::One of My Favorite Things::
This peaceful quiet of having all four kids napping at once.  I feel spoiled.
::The Kids this week::
Corin – He's still a happy baby, but he's starting to show his other side!  A little intensity has been seeping out at the edges.  Yesterday he got hold of a pizza crust and when I took it from him....oh, the weeping and wailing.  He was not a happy camper.  He's in that stage where his mind is bigger than his body - he wants to be and do everything his older siblings do.  At the same time,  his body is capable of trying things it shouldn't.  He's a handful and I'm actually considering investing in one of those large play yards so that I can leave him in a safe zone.

Caiden - I already mentioned his eating issues. He used to have a very good appetite.  He's also having a little bit of the night-terrors kind of stuff he has every spring.
Karissa -I have been thinking today about how far she's come.  She went through some very traumatic times in the last couple of years.  She is mellowing and is a generally happy kid now.  I'm so thankful. 

 Kayla – Asthma.  She's a trooper about taking her herbs, but she hates treatments.  They make her nose run and they make her eyes droop. 
::A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week::
  • Wednesday – planning day, pull out dog records, paperwork for taxes, putter around a lot
  • Thursday – Only one make-up lesson this regular lessons.  Ahh...what to do with an entire extra day in my week?!  Maybe I'll sort and remove the yard sale/consignment pile in the living room. yay.
  • Friday – House Cleaning and No idea what else
  • Saturday –Photography work - Alex's Senior Pictures
:: Love this Quote! ::

 Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

 :: A Picture ::
  (Photo taken yesterday at White River Gardens)

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