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One mushy-brained mommy, while reading Bible Stories to her preschooler, was overheard trying to explain that David was a man after God's heart....."He loved God....he wanted to be like Jesus."  Oh yeah.  She's a smart one.  She could have launched into a similarly confusing discourse about how Jesus wasn't even BORN yet  - but wisdom overtook her and she shut her mouth.

(Sleep, please?)

In other News:

The baby (who is officially as of today now a crawler/scooter!) was found covered in gold glitter after eating a sparkly green shamrock.  The mother refuses to comment.

Pictures of Recent Events:
This brilliantly advanced, deer-in-the-headlights-and-blue-at-the-mouth boy is very proud to have dressed himself.

Caiden and daddy - ready to leave on their first "Guys Nite Out."


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