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Valentine Pics....

I know it's early - but I'm getting ready to go visit my sister Deanna in Ireland and I'm not sure I'll get around to posting these when I get back. By the way - I've decided that taking your own kids' pictures is similar to being their violin teacher.  Hmmm.... I actually briefly considered going back to JC Penneys after this session with four of the most wiggly kids on the planet! 

AND... I have a new respect for that weird high-pitched sound all the JC Penneys photographers make with their mouths to get kids' attention.  I can't quite figure out how to do it, but I remember it was more effective than mommy-yelling.    (Kayla is cackling.  She thinks that sentence is funny.)



Charity said...

These are just too cute!! Especially the astonied (KJV, you know) look on your little guy's face in the last one. Corin is just too busy gnawing to care. Love it!! ;o)

Dixie said...


Carrie said...

You could've never gotten a picture like the last one from Penney's. However, I know the feeling--what do you do with a boy who doesn't know how to smile on cue? I still haven't posted his pictures! :s

Beth Stetler said...

love the personalities you captured

Jenna Dewhurst said...

I'm obsessed with that picture!!!

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