He fills the longing soul with good things. Ps. 107:9



question for you about my blog....

(The beautiful frozen lake at Uncle Nate & Kathleen's house)
Are the new x-large pictures worth the slow-loading blog?  Care to comment? 

I haven't figured out how to have my big-pictures-cake and eat it too. Bummer.

(Caiden waiting @ Fritz's Crown Center - Where the choo-choo-train brings your food!)




Kimberly said...

i wasn't sure why it was so slow...now i know!

wishing you brighter days...

Patty said...

I love the big pictures and they do not load slow at all for me.

Carrie said...

Actually, my computer is a dinosaur and it hasn't loaded any slower since you changed the format.

Dixie said...

I love the large pictures and it doesn't really load any slower for me.

Deanna Mander said...

Fritz' I'd wait an hour to see pictures of caiden at Fritz's. Did the kids love it! Wow, I miss a lot!

Nelda said...

I love the big pics, but I have DSL connection - not sure it would work so well with the slower connections. And it made mine "freeze" up for a moment or two (or maybe that's because I had - like 10!- pages open at once! Nah, it couldn't be that, must be your pics!). But it was worth the wait IMHO.

Jody J said...

Loved the large pictures and it didn't take longer for them to load. It takes much longer if I want to see a picture up close and have to click on it to make it larger.

Idril said...

It didn't actually take any time at all to load for me. Don't know what it would be like on a dial-up connection, though. Nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Ours froze up

Jenna Dewhurst said...

it didn't load slower for me...I love them!

Andy said...

love 'em

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