Crawling into the New Year

Happy New Year, friends.  I had envisioned myself marching into the new year in a flurry of organization and consistancy and personal growth and increased banners of perfection flying in glorious colors.  However, as it turns out,  it seems I crawled - very ungloriously -  into the new year without marching or perfection or colorful banners of any sort. 

I greet you warmly and humbly as I very happily emerge from beneath a heavy blanket of icky discouragement and depression.  Don't like to admit it, but it happens to the best of us, I guess.  Or maybe not.  Maybe it just happens to me.  But it happens.  I actually feel very blessed.  I made it through my fourth pregnancy and 5 months of postpartem before it got me.  I had forgotten how smothering and scary the darkness can be.

I have learned a lot about myself over the years, and I think I understand the factors surrounding this particularly delightful case of new year depression.  And adjustments are under way.  But I guess I'm not really in the mood to talk about that right now.  The Christmas flutter and clutter has finally settled into those cozy, snowy days of endless Indiana winter. 

Things around here are peaceful and quiet and humming along with the familiar absence of perfection.  After the girls and David left this morning, I enjoyed a quiet cup of caramel hot chocolate....and I just got a "kiss and a tickle" from the most adorable naked 3-year-old boy you could ever imagine.  Doesn't get much better than that, I guess.

I have been doing quite a lot of decision-making about the priorities and schedules for "twenty-ten".  Don't know for sure where blogging fits into all that.  I have a running list of posts I'd like to write, but we all know the odds of  all that...

My thoughts on Christmas?  I am disappointed that we didn't have more quiet, do-nothing evenings at home by our favorite Christmas tree.  We left for Kansas the day school dismissed and came back the day after Christmas.  Seems like the next couple of weeks were continous parties and activities and trying to move enough stuff out of this house to make room for the new stuff coming in.  (Been keeping the trash, goodwill, give-away and Once Upon a Child piles stacked high.)

But...I don't regret those busy days spent with family.  This year we didn't do our usual advent crafts and activities and traditions.  I missed it.  But we were together.  And we made lots of fun memories.

Wolf Christmas:  Dad with siblings & nephews

Wolf Christmas:  Train @ Uncle Nate & Aunt Kathleen's

Wolf Christmas:  the  hang-out room

the Parsons clan at College Church (Mid America Nazerene College)

Annual overnight stay at the fabulous Westin Crown Center (Kansas City)

the model train display @ Union Terminal Kansas City
(my dad collects HO model trains)

Christmas Feasting - Parsons style

Great-Aunt-Nancy-time (I have the coolest aunts EVER!)

Our favorite fireplace @ Mom & Dad Fry's
(where David and I first said "I Love You" so many years ago....awww)

Christmas Chaos!!

Serious Gaming.  (They will make you laugh)
I love that the Fry family loves to play games.

So - Merry Christmas.  Happy twenty-ten.  Blessed Epiphany Season.  I'm enjoying joy.

Hope you are finding some quiet times with your family. (A few lights left up for winter cozy-glow, reading together in the evenings, & making good use of our new electric kettle - lots of creamy hot chocolate and flavored hot tea!)

I wish you peace and perspective and productivity.


Carrie said…
The only thing you have to watch for in Fry gaming? They cheat. Bigtime. And they don't even hide it. ;)
Anonymous said…
Try not to worry about keeping all kinds of traditions at Christmas. It produces too much guilt. Just go with the flow. If you're too busy, just fit in what you can. Or do them after Christmas (or before). What do little kids care about what time of the year it is? Changes come with every season of life (as you well know) and you can keep the traditions you like and start new ones later if that is what you wish.
Holly Walker said…
Some day I'll be as brave and honest as you...until then, I'll read your posts and say, "Aha! I'm not the only one..." Can't have all of this creativity without the downside too, I guess!
Deanna Mander said…
Wow, great pictures, You are blessed, I love you and your honesty and can't wait to see you!
I'd trade just about anything for a kiss from the cutest 3 year-old in the world!
Jenna Dewhurst said…
so festive! I love the pictures!

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