Good to be home...

by sarahmfry, December 08, 2009
Two wonderful trips to Cincinnati - Christmas programs - late Thanksgiving feast - early Christmas celebration - precious, priceless Family time....a two-week break from blogging....and now.....HOME with a happy sigh!

Home with messes and laundry and suitcases.  Sleeping baby and the sounds of singing vegetables.  Where I find my big black chair and my fingers can work out thoughts on keys.

FINALLY home to daddy and husband on a cold night with the crunch of snow - after a stop by the airport and two wrong turns and an extra stop to alone bundle and guide four cold kids inside for bathroom breaks.

We haul in suitcases full of happy memories. Kid baths and hair combing and curling. Then we gather in the living room for devotions and Christmas carols around our most-favorite tree.

And now my brain swirls with the productive energy of things to do and exciting projects to start and goals to record.  But my body is travel-weary. And I am torn between the urge to clean and organize and whip my world into shape.....and needing to express the creative energies that threatened to keep me awake last night. 

Hmm.....should I put away laundry or start a new visual daybook or read one of my fantastic new parenting books or start filling my new iPod?  (Where IS that stinky schedule when you need it?)  It just seems wrong to have to do laundry and dishes when so many fun things await and I have new toys to play with.  Discipline, daughter.  discipline.

It's just good to be home.

Four blog drafts wait in storage and many more in my many thoughts I've been silently sharing with you that are itching to be typed. 

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