Family Night: K10C Part 1

in , by sarahmfry, November 13, 2009
This part wasn't originally in the plan for our family night last week, but it was such a gorgeous day we decided to eat our family night supper at the park.  By the time we got there the sun had set, so we froze our frannys.  But David and I talked through chattering teeth while the kids played a little.

Why doesn't that girl's mamma teach her not to talk with her mouth full of pizza?

We made a stop at the Dollar Tree for a few supplies (discovered that the ever-brilliant David didn't know that we had a Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General in our little town, nor what the difference was between the 3....)

Then back home for our fun evening. 

I had wanted some fresh material for family night,  and I recently ran across Focus on the Family's K10C curriculum (Kid's 10 Commandments).   I originally wanted to buy the Family Fun Pack, but found a wildly cheap deal on the church curriculum, so I went with that.  It includes the full-size board game, the video lesson set, CD soundtrack, reproducible workbook, craft & snack ideas, discussion questions, the works. (Whoever sold this entire brand new curriculum for $25.00 must not have known what they had!)

After it came in the mail, the kids were so excited to dig in.  We weren't disappointed.  My weakness is trying to plan too much, but it was so fun.  The first lesson covered the first 2 commandments (with Christmas coming up, we decided to do the 5-lesson VBS option instead of the 13-lesson Sunday school option.)

Here is David demonstrating what life would be like without guidelines.  Starting with the mess he made of a frozen pizza by not following instructions.  At first the kids thought the sprinkles-chocolate-ketchup pizza mess was cool, but they got the point after tasting the frozen concoction. (Kinda like real life...seems fun 'til you get a taste of the results....)

I cheated on the craft and bought their treasure boxes pre-made at the dollar store.  They decorated them with markers.  Inside they say, "This box is empty becuase my treasure is in heaven."

We made playdoh "idols" to demonstrate the silliness of worshipping anything other than the true God.  David got a little carried away with his idol making.  (Notice Moses poised for tablet-crashing....a dramatic scene on the video.) What a sculpting expert....Is there anything my man can't do?

The animated commandment videos are quality, in my humble opinion.  The kids aren't allowed to watch past commandment 2, so they've watched the first episode over and over.  They're begging for another family night.

We really don't do a big deal like this very often, but the kids love it when we do. Could family devotions be more fun?


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