Unseen Friend

Photo:  One of David's Chicago trip shots & a favorite love note.

I laid on my bed in the dark with happy child wildness muffled outside the door. 
Turned on the fan; Put my good ear down and my part-deaf ear up to muffle more.
And I cried.  Let the stress run out in tears.  Let my soul unclog.
I have friends....and I thought of them with gratefulness....but I prayed for a friend anyway.
In His own way, He sent this one to minister to me tonight.  She doesn't know me, but she understands.  Maybe her words will come alongside you, too, and keep you company.


Holly Walker said…
Thanks for sharing this link. I say very sincerely- keep up the VERY good KINGDOM work that you're doing! Blessings & hugs.
skier1998 said…
Thanks for sharing. Have you read The Invisible Woman by Nichole Johnson? It's a short easy read - I think you would like it.
Marianne Brown said…
Sarah, Thank you....again.

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