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The REAL Bio

I have no business being on the computer at all this morning, but it's David's fault.  He got an email this morning from someone needing my bio for Youth Challenge and brought it to my foggy attention.  They need it tomorrow - and they'll get it, I'm sure.  They'll get the "received her degrees in....and married so and so....and currently resides in...." bio.   But as my twisted brain got to turning, I couldn't help but share with you,  dear friends and lurkers....

                                  the REAL bio of Sarah Fry!

Sarah spent her early years pretty much confused about what she wanted to study, be and do. God had mercy and gave her a brilliant man who has it together. These days, Sarah is suffering from a constipated brain as a result of a severe sleep deficit (because she’s too dense to figure out how to get her new baby to sleep through the night.) Her house is suffering from a depressing case of behindness. She and her husband had a squabble in the middle of the night over babies and bright lights and who knows what so she spent one of the night feedings fantasizing about sneaking away to her mother’s and leaving him alone with the children. She vacillates between feeling semi-confident about her place in life and feeling totally inadequate and mediocre at best about herself and everything she does. Sarah is overweight, overwhelmed and over-sensitive. But she loves her kids beyond description. She’s crazy about her handsome husband. She savors the small things. She values her true friends. She has finally realized there is incredible rest in God’s grace. And she dreams of someday jogging peacefully alone in the early morning hours, then going back to her company-clean house, putting her skinny self to bed and sleeping until she wants to wake up .

Now that I got that ridiculous nonsense out of my system, I'm going to shut down the computer, fix a bottle for the incessantly hungry baby, let Karissa feed him, and choose a project to throw my exhausted self into with the force and energy of a limp string been.  Happy day to you all.



Liz said...

Love ya, Sarah! You are a great REAL friend to have!

Carol (Winkler) Clevenger said...

Ahh, Sarah, I can understand completely what you wrote in your bio! Understand that you are not alone in how you feel, but God loves us anyhow. I love Isaiah 41:11, especially the last phrase, "...he...shall gently lead those that are with young." We do have young babes, and He does lead us gently and kindly, in spite of our inabilities to keep up on everything!

Please tell your parents hello for me. I think of them often, and appreciate all I learned from both of them.

Carol (Winkler) Clevenger (GBS 87-88, HS; & '89); mother of 5, ages 12-4

Laura said...

As always, you are real and refreshing. Bless you!!!

Misty said...

I'm there, sister!! Thanks for being real....it helps me know I am not the only one out there =)

Anonymous said...

You're so funny:D I had a good laugh. Maybe we can go jogging (or walking) together in about 15 years or so. (Oh, I forgot, you said you wanted to be alone. Oh well.) Love ya and hope things get moving for your constipated brain soon:)


Sharlyn said...

Hang in there e-sister! As I tell my flesh and blood sister quite frequently "Be not weary, be not weary..."

Andy, Dixie, Carson and Kenzie said...

Thanks for being real. It brought tears to my eyes.

Raylin said...

Brought tears to my eyes, too... thank you, thank you for that post. It is incredibly comforting to this momma to know that there are other momma's out there with the same struggles as me.... that post could have been talking about me. Thank you and God bless.

Deanna said...

Is it okay for me to understand and I don't even have kids!--Love ya sis! You are kool!

~Regina~ said...

It's very refreshing to read your posts. I love how REAL you are. There are more of us out here that feel just like you. We understand and admire you for being REAL with us. :)

Andy said...

would love to live closer to you.

danielpauledwards said...

ditto - I'll never catch up with myself. Just remember - The REAL you is who everybody loves anyway! (I'll try to remember my own preaching! :-) )

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