Let's Talk....

by sarahmfry, October 06, 2009
I love the coziness of Autumn.  It makes me want to snuggle up and read a book (Who am I kidding?  Every season makes me want to do that!).  Or bake something savory and linger at the table with my husband.  I love to walk outside and catch that first breath of the crisp, fresh air.  I love arranging straw bales and pumpkins and corn stalks in my yard.  I love to drive down the road as the fall colors whiz by and look at the glowing lights of homes in the evening.  I LOVE to smell woodsmoke!  And  I admit - I love the promise of Christmas and snowflakes in the air.  Just this morning, Caiden (3) asked "When does it snow?"  I am crazy about every season.  But right now..this one's my favorite.

I like to hear my friends talk about things.... to hear you share about your life, your world, your happy day, your goofy kids.  Or even to laugh with you about your poopy diaper day or your frustrating job or your opinion on the troubles of the world.  I learn from you. 

So on that note....I'd like to hear you talk about something today.  It's something general, but maybe it will get you to share with us this morning.  And I'd really love to hear your thoughts.

"What do you love about autumn?"

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Have a happy fall day, friends!


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