Hip Hip Horray

Yay for two 4-hour stretches of sleep!
Yay for getting to sleep in on Saturday morning!
Yay for getting a huge project done that has been bugging my brain!
Yay for going on a cool date with David!
Yay for 5-year olds who love to hold babies!
Yay for Daddy overseeing kid chores!
Yay for a whole free Saturday to get caught up!

I feel like a person this morning.  And David and I are planning a fun date this afternoon:  a fall photography date and 18-list review.

I've found that lately I haven't  been using my lens so much to just capture the beautiful things around me.  And I've got a hankerin' to photograph some pumpkins and leaves.  We have matching cameras (ain't that cute?) so we don't have to sit around and wait for each other to finish our shots.  AND we don't have to tell each other how to do it.  I'm free to be me.   We also plan to have lunch and review our parenting 18-list, if I can find it in the computer archives (no time to explain the list....I'd like to do a post about it later). 

Hope you have a happy Saturday.  Hope I do, too.  I'm afraid there are some flu bugs lurking in the corners of our home.  So I'm hoping to have the most wonderful day possible before they crawl out and get us.
(picture by David)


Deanna said…
Glorious photos :)
阿童木 said…
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