He fills the longing soul with good things. Ps. 107:9


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Things to come

For some reason, this picture just cracks me up....I'm afraid it's a picture of years to come.
I'm thinking roller coasters, schemes & plans galore. It seems to me that Caiden will be dragging poor Corin along.  Or perhaps it will be the other way around.  Heaven forbid they're both as full of it as Caiden is.

Caiden saw this and said. "Look....Corin's laughin'."

Uh. No, Dear. He's terrified. Of.  You!
Heaven help this mommy. 

Here they're both trying to give their "thoughtful and pensive" looks.  I guess.

Anonymous said...

That picture is tooooo funny:D ROFL - especially what Caiden said about Corin's expression. Love it! You are definitely going to have your hands full and never a dull moment! Love ya! ~ McLeggs

Deanna said...

I couldn't have wished more amazing kids on you :) lol

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