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I'm a failure

In spite all the music exposure and experience I try to give my kids.....the kindermusik, the piano lessons, the violin lessons.  Twinkling and pre-twinkling.  Daily times of family singing.  Exposure to almost every genre.  Tastes of The Greats. 

And their "favorite song in the whole world" is this current blog music. They gush with love for this "song."  We actually listen to it. "We just LOVE it," they say.

I mean, granted....  It has a certain groove to it.  But it's a web loop for pete's sake - and a free one at that! It's not even a song, guys!  Not even elevator music.

Why don't they beg for Hilary Hahn on soaring solo Bach?   John Barry's luscious themes? Il Divo's powerful Adagio? Alison Krauss' Living Prayer? or even Sinatra's comforting crooners? 

At least the crazy loop isn't atonal.

Why do I bother.  Help me, De!
sankey family said...

lol - I gotta tell ya. Every time in the last few days that I've arrived at your blog, the boys will lift their heads and say, "What's that music?" It catches their attention...even way down here in Mexico. :-) Love ya, friend.

Laura said...

You gave me a good laugh, Sarah! I assure you, your kidddos will probably enjoy nearly all genres of music as they mature.
My girls can listen to Hilary by the hour, but they also put Bluegrass on once in a while--which tends to drive me up the wall, but oh well, I actually can handle it more easily than Southern Gospel or Country music... : )
The loop on your blog right now makes me happy. No wonder the kids are drawn to it. : )
Have a great day.

Jenn said...

I love it. Lee said the same thing when he walked in and heard it playing. I am new to this blogging I wondered how you add it to your blog. It is "catchy". Enjoy reading your blog.

Alanna said...

Who opens up their blog just to listen to their music?!? I would NEVER do that (*cough!*) ;) I can see their point though. "The Loop" is fun...but after awhile I would have to switch over to some Bach, Il Divo, or yes even Sinatra! :)

Anonymous said...

"Living Prayer"...Yes! Actually, yes to all you listed, but I just really love Allison on that one. Thanks for the smile today!

jenny said...

Hi Sarah! Just responding to your note from a few weeks back (I have fallen out of blog world for some reason, and reading yours makes me want to fall back in). Congrats on being a mom to 4--they are each such incredible miracles, and all so unique. We would LOVE to see you...e-mail me jennymccall@att.net to let me know if you are going to be doing any trips up this way with David anytime this fall. I'm thinking we should plan a trip to hike outdoors together and hire you all as photographers! :-))

Deanna said...

MMMM, I guess I wished those hoodlims on ya-- but it can't be their favorite song....I'll have to talk to them :) lol

Jody J said...

I had to laugh at this! Would the "Fry" in them have anything to do with it? ;) What is so funny is, the other day when I clicked on your blog I couldn't get it turned off fast enough! :) I tried and tried to find the pause button and couldn't so finally just turned off my speaker! :) Sorry! It was just my mood that day, I'm sure.

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