I'm a failure

by sarahmfry, September 11, 2009
In spite all the music exposure and experience I try to give my kids.....the kindermusik, the piano lessons, the violin lessons.  Twinkling and pre-twinkling.  Daily times of family singing.  Exposure to almost every genre.  Tastes of The Greats. 

And their "favorite song in the whole world" is this current blog music. They gush with love for this "song."  We actually listen to it. "We just LOVE it," they say.

I mean, granted....  It has a certain groove to it.  But it's a web loop for pete's sake - and a free one at that! It's not even a song, guys!  Not even elevator music.

Why don't they beg for Hilary Hahn on soaring solo Bach?   John Barry's luscious themes? Il Divo's powerful Adagio? Alison Krauss' Living Prayer? or even Sinatra's comforting crooners? 

At least the crazy loop isn't atonal.

Why do I bother.  Help me, De!

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