He fills the longing soul with good things. Ps. 107:9


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10 pounds of wonder (7 weeks old)

Lake sparkles......
                   Bach Preludes......
                                    Rainy Mornings......
                                                 Sunny Patches.........

 God's glory spills out everywhere

Forest Trails...............
                Belly Laughs............
                                     Cocoa Beans...........
                                                        Fire Glow............

God has a lot of awesome ideas

But this wonder.....This 10 pounds of blue-eyed  love

THIS is one of God's best ideas yet.
I am sorry for those who do not see God's wonder.  His glory.  In the everyday.  But there is nothing everyday about this. 

This baby:  Tiny. Priceless. Helpless. Powerful.
He shows me the glory and heart of God until it fills me and flows out into speechlessness.
No - there is nothing common about this.  He is special.  Extraordinary.  I feel it, know it.  See it in his sparkling blue eyes.
You know.  Maybe you've had a miracle, too.  I guess there's almost no use in trying to describe it.  Impossible to put into words. 

And I've also been wondering....
Why do we love Him so much, this 10 pound bundle?  He can't really do anything for us.  Isn't productive.  Can't even hold himself up.  Can't contribute.  Yet he changes us, enriches us.  Makes us stronger and softer all at once.  Shows us the heart of God, but not in some concrete, definable way.  It's more a window into the mystery and heart and humor of God.  Abba, He is.  The way He wants to love us and squeeze us and protect us and wrap himself around us and gaze at us and know us. 

The way we're utterly and frighteningly and deliciously dependent on Him.

  And the cool thing is, that's not just poetry.  It's Truth. 
And He has spilled more of Himself - his quiet glory -  all around this place today.
Now I have dishes and whiny kids and laundry and supper.  But THAT'S a miracle worth stopping to wonder over, Doncha think?

Now THIS one, He's special too.

But that's another story.....
sankey family said...

Sarah, Corin is just adorable!! Love those pictures of him. And Caiden is too. :-)

Alanna said...

Sarah...you have such a way with words. Such a beautiful post. Beautiful little boy. Beautiful, indescribable God who love us so much!

Anonymous said...

I love it Sarah! And We've had a miracle too! Thanks for the reminder. After about seven months, life can kind of wear on you and you forget about the precious miracles you have at your house. I love your pictures of Corin and the one of Caiden is priceless as well. He's such a character!

Love ya! McLeggs

"A" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marianne Brown said...

Sarah, Good reminder! Thank you. I have a question: my sister just had a baby who has reflux really bad (this is her second with reflux....and probably the last!). She's heard that the Amby bed works miracles....ever used/heard of it? She doesn't want to invest unless she's sure. Thanks. Marianne

montanahikergirl said...

Sarah, What beautiful pics and baby! I just found your blog tonight, and love, love, love all your photography! I got a new camera this summer and have had a blast with it so far. I love your perspective in your pics! On another note, LBA is having their first-ever Homecoming if you haven't already heard. We would like for you to play for our Sunday worship special music. Could you email me about that, please? Thanks! Amanda Miller (Shuman)

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