Week Three Thoughts

by sarahmfry, August 13, 2009
Wow. Corin turned three weeks old last night. Today I was thinking back over the last 3 weeks. Feels more like 3 months. The first week was spent in the hospital and getting settled at home. The second week I was very sick with an infection....just as I was ready to get up and get going with life, the fevers and chills and aches sent me back to bed for a week. Within that second week, we also made a trip to Cincy to let the rest of my family see Corin. The third week was spent getting home, doing who knows with with very little sleep, and heading back to Cincinnati for an insanely quick but worth it trip to see my sister and Mark before they headed home to Ireland.

So now we're home again (jiggety jig) for awhile and back to the business of laundry, dishes, and getting ready for school and lessons to begin.

Corin has been a wonderfully good baby. His nights were rough for awhile, but he seems to be stretching out and settling in to his schedule. I am still amazed that I was able to shoot a wedding on Saturday with him sitting there in his seat - sleeping peacefully! We shot from about 9:30 am to 4:30 pm with about a 30 min. break at noon. Corin was awesome and very patient between feedings. I jokingly say that I "earned" this good baby by enduring the 3 other screamers. Just kidding. Corin had a couple of days of tummy trouble that brought back the beautiful memories of colic gone by. But I think it was onion-induced and his tummy seems much better now.

If you happen to be the mother of one of my students, don't fret...we are having lessons this semester! I wanted to see how Corin did with a bottle and how his schedule settled in. Now I'm ready to sit down and get the semester organized and plan to be calling you all soon.

Here are some completely unrelated pictures of a wonderful summer visit to Lafayette's Columbian Park.


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