Little Mommy

by sarahmfry, August 18, 2009

Yesterday Karissa(5 yrs old) gave Corin his bath.

After his bath, Karissa lathered him with baby lotion and combed that poor boy's hair till it nearly fell out. And she sang to him. Karissa and Caiden (3 yrs old) sang and sang and sang as they rubbed and lotioned and pampered and loved on him. He loved it.
She is very nurturing and almost inseparable from her new live baby. She does a great job with him, and I can actually leave her in a safe place holding him while I do housework and she takes great care of him. Sometimes she does overwhelm him a little with all of her loving. She has to be reminded to give Corin (and mommy!) our bubble space.

Here he is all swaddled up and sleeping soundly after his bath and brushing.

When Caiden was born the girls were still 1 and 3. So this time around it's much different and fun with all the grown up helpers we have around here. The kids have adjusted seamlessly to having a new baby brother. As they zoom around here doing their daily activities, they all buzz by to "pet" Corin and give him some love before they move on to their next mischief.

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