Comparing newborn pictures

Corin Lane Fry
July 22, 2009
picture taken at 1 day old

Caiden Troy Fry
May 31, 2006
picture taken at 5 days old

Karissa Joy Fry
July 16, 2004
picture taken at 14 days old

Kayla Rose Fry
June 19, 2002
picture taken at 2 days old


Charity said…
Congrats, congrats, congrats! I know you´re thrilled to have your body sorda´to yourself again :o) My goodness, Kayla and Corin could be twins! That´s amazing. May you have lots of sleep, and an easy recovery!
tacomom said…
I agree with Charity. I think Corin looks ALOT like Kayla.
Andy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ronda said…
Congratulations on your handsome new boy! So very happy for you! How fun to see the comparisons....They are all adorable!:)I just love babies and it is fun to share in your joy...Makes me wish that I had another little one! Cherish each moment...

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