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Corin - Six Days Old

We had some fun today at home with CORIN's first photo session. He's unspeakably wonderful.


Comparing newborn pictures

Corin Lane Fry
July 22, 2009
picture taken at 1 day old

Caiden Troy Fry
May 31, 2006
picture taken at 5 days old

Karissa Joy Fry
July 16, 2004
picture taken at 14 days old

Kayla Rose Fry
June 19, 2002
picture taken at 2 days old

Corin Lane Fry

Sarah arrived at Witham Hospital in Lebanon, Indiana, Wednesday around 5:15 pm after laboring since 5:30 am. Corin was born at 9:12. He weighs 6 pounds 11 ounces, and measured 20 inches long (I'm sure he's grown a little!).

So far people think he looks like Caiden. I will have to upload some of Caiden's pictures later for a comparison.

Sarah and Corin will stay at Witham until Friday evening (48 hours from birth). She welcomes visitors if you wish.

Caiden is happy to have a lil' brother, or so he appears.

Kayla is a proud big sis. and so is Karissa but for some reason we didn't get a picture of her holding Corin.

Lots of hair just like the others. Here he looks like a fuzz bug.

Jessica came in just for us. Thanks, Jessica, you were awesome. Dr. Stephenson was tremendous as well.



Wow. It's been a crazy summer so far. I have tons and lots and gobs of pictures and stories I could share to catch up, but I'm just checking in really quick right now. Maybe I can actually get something more productive than a load of laundry done before the rest of the house wakes up.

All but 3 of the 9 puppies are spoken for. It' s been a crazy couple of days around here with puppy sales and visits. But really fun. I'm watching one play in the early morning light of the kitchen right now (the one I got up with at 6:30 this morning becuase she was weeping and wailing). She's playing a tugging game, playing with a birthday baloon, her tail, chewing Kayla's flip flop- too cute. No idea why she won't sleep. Now she's biting my toes.

Another confirmation email just came in for a puppy that needs shipped (by air) to Pennsylvania. If this one and the one being shipped to California both go through, we've only one puppy to go. But the shipped puppies will hang around here for 2 more weeks because they aren't allowed to fly until they're 8 weeks old. That will help the kids with the transition of seeing so many puppies walk out that door within just a few days.

Corin is due in two weeks. We're anxious and excited, but strangely okay with the fact that he hasn't come yet. It's working out well that the puppy rush came before the baby rush. We're supposed to meet a Michigan buyer north of Chicago to deliver a puppy on Tuesday. Maybe the travel of the day (which happens to be my original due date) will get this show on the road. Well...hopefully not LITERALLY on the road!

In other news: Karissa turned 5 yesterday. We've had 4 out of 6 of our summer birthdays. We're a summer-born family, for sure - see?

May: Caiden (3yrs)

June: Kayla (7yrs)

July: David (30) Karissa (5yrs) & Corin (0 yrs)

August: Sarah (32)

We plan summer babies because of David's school schedule and my teaching schedule. And ever since we've been having babies, David's been in school.....hmmm. Maybe I'll leave that one alone without comment this morning.

I had a very short night, so I'm in severe danger of some serious rambling here. I'd better sign off before my fingers get going faster than my brain.

Just wanted to say hello to the great black hole of bloggerdom.

A Mom Prayer

We're enjoying a quiet and peaceful morning, and as the girls were looking for something we needed for our devotions/craft time I was straightening some shelves. As I pulled out a parenting resource notebook, I found a prayer scratched on the back of a scripture paper. I wish I would have dated it so I could look back and see what was going on at that particular time. I don't even know how long ago I wrote it. But even though we're enjoying some less stressful days, my heart resonated with this prayer again this morning.

"Dear Father, It’s been a rough parenting week. My nerves are fraying. My spirit is tense. My thoughts are jumbled. My body is weary. My emotions are flat. Sickness has worn us down. My children have tested me relentlessly. I have responded firmly, but it hasn’t seemed to make a difference. I feel such a desperate need for your quiet, steady guidance this morning.

Please help my children today to sense that sweet calm that all is well at home. Help them not only to know that their mamma loves them, but that I like them, approve of them, and enjoy being with them in the kid stuff.

Lord, I’m trying to follow your plan for training children in godliness. But today I’m overwhelmingly aware of my insufficiency without You guiding each step.

I realize that beyond the scriptures and habits and chores and creeds and hymns and skills they’re learning – the biggest thing they are learning from me is the aroma that comes from my own inner life – The by-product of my life in You which surrounds me and touches them each moment they’re with me.

God, forgive me. Grow me up. And make up the difference in what I haven’t learned yet.

Please give me wisdom for the moments.
Joy for my children.
Rest in what I cannot accomplish
And Quiet in my spirit.


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