Puppies - 2 Weeks Old

Max and Mya are the proud parents of 9 roly-poly Golden Retriever Puppies.

It has been an incredible experience, from the moment I walked out the back door on Sunday morning almost two weeks ago and realized that Mya had waited until we got up to begin her labor in earnest.

Here is a little taste of the cuteness going on around here. Click HERE to pop over to our Pure Goldens blog and check out more puppy pictures.

Just chillin' in front of the home place Uncle Davin built for Mya and her babies"Beefy" (the white on the left) and "Teeny" (the red on the right)


Jana said…
My children would think they were in Heaven--HOW FUN!!!!! :-)
The Going Blog said…
I'm assuming that you are selling your pups. Would you mind e-mailing me your price? We are in the talking about it stage of getting a dog. airgoing@yahoo.com They look so cute.
Ronda said…
SOOOOOO cute! I have assisted many Mommies in labor, but never a Mommy dog. What a good job she did! :)
Enjoyed your other summer posts, too! Hope that you are having a great summer...

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