Long time....no blog

by sarahmfry, June 20, 2009
Wow. It's been awhile. Remember me? Short, roundish girl who could normally hold a conversation with wallpaper? The strangest thing has been occuring around here.....LIFE! Loads and loads of it. The OCD side of me wants to start back at the beginning and catch up on every single juicy detail. But alas, reality....

We've been busy with:

  • End of the year activities (awards banquets, graduations)
  • Caiden's 3rd Birthday
  • Kayla's 7th Birthday
  • Weddings & Rehearsals
  • Baby & Bridal showers
  • Photo sessions
  • Puppies!
  • An incredible number of dentist, eye, ear & doctor appointments
  • Overnight Company
  • House improvements
  • Baby prep
  • Pregnancy
  • Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera (for all of the King and I fans)
  • And all the other laundries and dishes and various assundry things that make life full and happy and exhausting and blogless
So tonight, I'll start with puppy pictures. Especially for Aunt Crystal. (We're having trouble resisting the urge to pick your puppy for you. They're all our favorites.)

We'll see what happens from there as far as blogging goes.

Oh...and hello again, friends!

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