St. Patricks Day

in , by sarahmfry, April 22, 2009
"Aunt" Nelda came over and did St. Pats crafts with the kids. They love Aunt Nelda's visits!

We certainly didn't do anything earth-shattering for St. Patricks day this year, but a little green food coloring goes a long way....
Green Koolaid with a dash of class.....
I was really tickled at how the girls really seemed to connect with the idea of the Trinity in a deeper way this year. It is actually legend that St. Patrick used the 3-sided clover (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) to teach Ireland about the Trinity. But it was fun to hear the kids be able to articulate it on their own. It proves that training and indoctrinating children young, when faith is fresh and minds are open, is the best way.
But really, the day was more green food coloring than it was theology. :)

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