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Speaking of Babies...

I mentioned it on facebook, but I don't think I made the announcement to my blogging friends. I've not been blogging much lately, obviously.

We had an ultrasound during spring break and....

His name is Corin Lane Fry. Corin means "spear" and is a name C.S. Lewis used in the Narnia series. Caiden's name means "warrior", and we want to raise all our boys to be strong and gentle warriors for God. Lane is my dad and brother's middle name. Fry is our last name. : )
Those of you who have heard the name as a girl's name and are wondering: Ours is pronounced COR-in, not cor-IN.
It was so fun having the kids in there with us for the ultrasound. We watched him hold onto his foot and play. He wiggled so much, she only got one really good 4-D shot of his face. He looks like the cutest little alien you ever did see. She finally just gave up and watched him wriggle. I told her our babies start now and they never stop!!
The kids are so excited. Caiden will come into me begging: "I want to see Corin! I want to see Corin!" He informed us that HE is the baby, but he's dealing with it and having a little fun himself. Daddy was teasing around with him and asking who the baby was. "Who are YOU?" he asked. Caiden started to say his name, then got a sly look and changed the name mid-sentence from Caiden to Corin. He says Corin will sleep in with him in his fire truck bed and play with his toys.
The girls treat Corin like one of the family already. They kiss him and talk to him and make him presents and notes.
I'm unspeakably thankful to have the nausea gone. But of course now the contractions have picked up. I'll be in mild labor for the next 4 months. Does that mean I get to be grouchy?
We're excited and impatient to pinch Corin's little cheeks.
Alanna said...

aww - how exciting! :)

Robyn Huff said...

Congratulations...I love the name!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Congratulations...just came across your blog....will be back to read more.

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~Heather~ said...

Sarah, Just wanted to tell you that the Lord really helped you as you spoke to the IHC WOW meeting today, Wednesday, April 15th. Our family was rooting and praying for you...as we were listening from Bogota, Colombia. You had some very good things to say.
We also caught a quick glimpse of you playing with the GBS band (I think it was you and your baby) and you looked really cute. I cracked up at what Sis. England told you about you coming to IHC "in your delicate situation". I fully understand...for I didn't feel too "delicate" last year at IHC as I waddled around 9 months pregnant with our Elijah. =)
I trust that the days fly by and you can hold that adorable baby boy soon. We are LOVING ours...and cannot imagine life without him.
Love ya.

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