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Riding with Grandpa Fry

Grandpa Fry and Uncle Danny are now in the power sports business ("Fry Power Sports" - mopeds, motorcycles, 4-wheelers - you know, big boy toys.) We get to enjoy some of the perks.....Motorcycle and 4-wheeler rides!

It's official: Kayla is our daredevil. Caiden will have nothing more to do with the 4-wheelers at this point. He prefers to watch and chase from a safe distance. Karissa will ride, but she's guarded.
Kayla, on the other hand, would take off down the road on one of those things by herself if we'd let her - hair flying, skirts hitched up, and laughing all the way. We've got some excting years to come, that's for sure. Gotta love that girl.
dorcas said...

I just love the last picture. Looks like she belongs on one of those. I've always thought she looked like the Wolf side of the family, but when I saw this picture, I immediately saw David in her. She sure is growing up. What a sweet girl!

Jenna Dewhurst said...

so beautiful!

Deanna Mander said...

My kindof kid!

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