I. Am. So. Embarrassed.

by sarahmfry, April 07, 2009
Tonight after family prayer - as I finished tucking in Caiden and Kayla - I heard Daddy and Karissa talking on the living room floor.

She was asking the next level of questions about how babies happen and he was very clearly and aptly answering her questions. I imagine the curiosity arose because of our new baby and all....) I think I've mentioned on here before that we have a pretty aggressive philosophy about sex-ed and kids. We want them to learn everything they know from US FIRST! Not from their 3rd-grade friends. But as he tried to answer each question clearly and at a 4-year-old level, she asked the next question and left no option but to answer her honestly.

I found myself blushing and running to the kitchen to "do some work."

Meanwhile, Kayla was laying in bed and heard the conversation through the door. So now she's asking questions. David came in and we had a quick laugh before he regained his composure, reminded himself of the utmost importance of this timing. That it will shape their thinking for the rest of their lives about an immensely important and wonderful subject. I buried my face in the fridge and groaned, "I don't WANT them to know!" We both agreed that being in there for the "talk" together would NOT help us to keep our composure and complete the conversation with a straight face.

I had no idea I was such a chicken. I sent him off with a "I'll pray for you" and "I'm proud of you" and continued to hide in the kitchen as he set off to answer their questions.

Regardless of what you think about the timing of sex ed......when they're 10? 12? 14? And the method....Hand them a book? Let their friends do it? Leave it to their imaginations? Let them learn on their honeymoon? We have decided that answering the questions honestly, clearly and appropriately as they come is the right way for our family. My husband had a professor that suggested setting yourself up to your kids as the "sex expert." And any future questions should be brought to the expert, not to ignorant friends or other people. Sounded like a plan to us.

I wish I could tell you the details of her questions. It's an absolute hoot. But I'll behave myself.

I just want to say that I have an immense respect for those of you who have "informed" a kid of 8 years or older. If it's this embarrassing at 4 and 6, I can't even imagine what courage it takes to tell an older child.

Excuse me....I need to go finish blushing.

My husband is a very, very brave man. I'm so glad he gets to be the expert and not me.

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