Some high-powered "Alphabet Bingo" fun. Many times they talk us into ending the night with a rousing game of duck-duck-goose.

Makes me wonder what our family nights will be like in - say - 10 years?

This is a conversation ball. You throw the ball to another member of the family. They are suppposed to answer whatever question their thumb lands on when they catch it. Questions like: "What is one of your favorite memories?" or "If you could buy anything in the world, what would it be?"

It seems like Caiden had some hilarous answers that night, but of course I can't remember any of it. That's what I get for not blogging about it right away.

By the way....We're accepting donations for clothes for our son, if anyone feels sorry for him because he's naked all the time.
Another Day:
It was one of those delicious Indiana days that gave us a taste of spring before flinging some more cold rain and mud at us. We took a little walk.
Karissa gathered her nature plunder - including some flowers, rocks, and whatever else caught her fancy.
Kayla likes to record her "observations" for our nature notebook (a 3-ring binder with plain paper stuck in it).
Max & Mya made their own nature observations. We were just waiting for them to dive in. Mya loves to swim, but Max is a hilarious chicken in water.
After we went home, we had chocolate cake for a bedtime snack and daddy looked up strange animans that look like pinecones on google. What fun.

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