I've had thoughts lately - really, I have.

The only problem is....every time I have a thought, it flys in one side of my brain and out the other - never to be seen again.

I've been wanting to tell you about my mother-in-law's recent open heart surgery (quadruple bypass). But the pictures are on David's computer and I want to include pictures....

And I want to tell you about the weekend Mom and Chelle came to my house and did projects like two wonder women. My house didn't know what hit it.

I need to catch David's laptop at home and kidnap it until I take the pictures I need from its dark depths.

I did a dumb thing this morning. I spent a few minutes checking out the blog of one of my perfect friends. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures and interesting stories. Then I found myself saying to myself...."Goodness! Her hair is perfect. Her kids are perfect. Her kids' hair is perfect. Her house is perfect. Her parties are perfect. Her marriage is perfect. Wow. I stand in awe."

But I have news for you, friends.

I ain't perfect.

So....I'm off to recite II Corinthians 10:12 to myself as I do dishes, clean, pay bills, brave the mud to feed the dogs, try to instill a shred of responsibility into my kids....

and generally attempt to be the best me I can be.

That's all I've got to say about that.


GodSeeker said…
Dahling, you just be the best God wants you to be. And don't kick yourself cause you're not someone else. God has been talking to me a lot about that in recent days. I've had to forgive myself for being so hard on myself! It's ok to just be you. And remember that our darling husbands wouldn't have married us if we were someone else. :o) c.
Angie Davis said…
Well, I can safely assume you weren't on MY blog! No perfection here. Not even a teeny bit.

As soon as I finish with it, you need to borrow "You Matter More than You Think" by Leslie Parrott from Tracie Peck. It's just what I needed to read this weekend.
Stephanie said…
Sarah - FYI...anyone whose blog looks perfect, you can bet their life really "aint!" What a mask. Been there, done that. It's not real.

Glad you are one of the real ones! Love you!
Jodi said…
I know what you mean-
I have to be careful when I read/see the lives of those around me. It is easy to compare myself to what I see- all too often I don't quite "measure up". It can be discouraging- but even worse distracting. I forget to be thankful for who God is- and who I am in Him.
Just for the record, I'm certainly not criticizing how any one else blogs. I like to see happy families and clean houses and beautiful hair. I'm not even saying it's fake (that's the depressing part, eh?). I was just sharing how the blog world affected me on that particular pregnant morning.

Wasn't trying to sound bitter or even mournful.

It's so funny - I'm thinking I should go read some of my own speaking notes on the subject! Hee hee.
I was thinking how strange but really nice it is to have these little odd strung-out conversations with you far-flung friends.
I'm also thinking with a grin that if I would have been dressed for the day instead of sitting before breakfast in my pj's and bed head that maybe I would have had a more positive response to my blog surfing.

I did, however, end up having a delightfully productive day.

I'm laughing out loud at what an unbelieveably rambling mood I'm in this morning. I'm talking my head off to no one. Oh man. I think I need some serious help.
Don't you guys feel sorry for my husband? It's a mercy for him that he's gone a lot and can avoid some of my proliferous ponderings.

I have no idea why the word proliferous came into my head. I had to look it up to even see what it means. It fits.
Juwah said…
Actually Sarah, you have to be careful...I've heard if you pay bills with your hair combed that the checks get lost in the mail. If my hair is combed when I go to pay bills I on purpose go mess it up. Also, if your house is clean and you try to train your children the authorities will come in and say you belong to a cult...leave it messy, really is it worth losing your kids over?

Hope this helps. :)
Ronda said…
Hey,Sarah...I was "blog browsing" myself and when I read some of your comments today...they set me to contemplating. Here is my humble opinion. If someone were to read "my" blog...they may think that I have the perfect life. I DO feel blessed beyond measure, but do I have really bad I have depressed I experience REAL life??? You BET! It is just not my personality to share my woes...on my blog or even in person. I don't think that makes me a fake...just a different personality. I have to pray daily for God's help in this stressful life of 2009!
I think that you are an AWESOME person...I have only heard great things about you from all of your friends! We are all special to God and that's all that really matters anyway! :)('s the afternoon and I am in my PJ's! And my hair? Oh dear!)LOL! Have a blessed day!
Deanna said…
Cool! I aint perfect either! You no how I solve this issue! I 'forget' to blog :) lol!
Gotta run, my in-laws are coming over so I'm 'faking' a clean house for a day!
luve ya!
Tamra said…
VERY interesting post and comments. Hmmm, those pregnancy hormones will get you every time. How well I remember….
Actually, I was thinking the very same thing as Ronda as I read your post. I’m so far from perfect it isn’t funny. However, I choose not to share my struggles for the whole wide world to see. It’s just not me. Don’t know how else to put it. If I would choose to be NOT “real” and publish issues, I’m pretty sure the posts alone would send my readers to the crazy house. Sarah, you have the ability to write about everyday life in a very unique way. I would venture to guess none of your readers are exempt from a life full of "issues". I nominate you as our official spokeswoman. Here’s to all of us being real women with everyday struggles. Life is still great in spite of them all!!! Please continue being YOU! Love ya girl!
I'm enjoying this. In fact, right now I've been sitting here grinning and chuckling and hacking deep chest coughs at the same time. Now I'm pregnant AND have a nasty flu. So I guess I'm a prime suspect for publishing "issues."

I have lots of thoughts spinning. (Or maybe that's the dizziness from the flu.) I'll wait until they settle to write any more.

I know the rest of you are having thoughts. Hope you share them.
Tamra said…
Oh goodness me. I get into trouble every time I write or talk. I'm SO sorry. Making you out as someone who publishes "issues" was never my intent. Please don't change a thing. I love reading your posts. They are hilarious and thought provoking - so you because they encompass your personality. Now I think I'll just be quiet before I mess anything else up. :(
Mercy - don't be sorry! You didn't mess a single thing up. As I said, I'm enjoying this discussion!
Ronda said…
Fun discussion! (What is even funnier is that I would rather cut off my foot that actually share my opinion in most cases. Again...not my personality! ha!) The "mask" comment was just interesting to me. Oh well! I totally enjoy your blog, Sarah...You know how to bring humor with life's circumstances. It always makes me smile! You GO~girl!
Stephanie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie said…
Hey, girl! Enjoying this thread along with you. Perhaps a clarification is in need...I so enjoy your realness in your blog that I don't want you to get discouraged when you look at others and think they are "perfect." Yes, it is prudent to keep some things to oneself (and that's perfectly okay!), but don't get discouraged when you are real - the rest of us love it! So...keep it up.
Kimberly said…
I've given up on IS all about balance. And that's hard to do...and there are such things as "masks" and Lord help us to not put them on...(even if the systems we may find ourselves in even encourage them...) I DO love the variety found in blog world/'s fascinating. And I know (honestly) that there are those who really have more "happiness" than I have at the moment...but that's OK (or at least it should be:) I'm learning to limit exposure if it ticks me off too much. (And of course to rest in God's peace)

Well, I'm mostly unproductively rambling. Keep being honest Sarah...and Take Care!

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