Ridiculous Ode to the Flu

How could a chest cough - When given its way
Turn into a menacing flu in one day!
It sounds sorta fun - to be lazy and calm
Lie down in the bed and use lots of lip balm
Watching movies and reading (if my eyes would stop burning)
Counting blessings - at least my intestines aren't churning!
My body can't tell if it's hot or it's cold
I feel like I'm ancient - a hundred years old!
Oh the aching and throbbing, the tissues and snot
When coughing, my chest hurts an awfully lot
No dinner and dancing for Valentine romance
'Tho pizza and movies were better to finance
If Angie will post of her date, I will see
How it feels to have romance vicariously
I wish that I had a small buck for each tissue
That lies in the trash like a used-up old issue
I've watched a few ditties from Bill and Mark Lowery
But I missed both fine sermons of Pastor Mark Mowery
I'm not sharing woes, or even complaining
I'm just bored to tears - all this resting is draining
So I thought I would bless you, dear blogging-world friend
With a Dr. Seuss-nonsensic-rhyme from my pen.


Mary Ellen said…
This was great! I don't have the flu but have a sinus infection and an ear ache (a first for me, at 40! hello?) that have me feeling miserable today and am also laying in bed - BORED. Missed the last day of Hobe Sound Campmeeting, bummer too, thankfully I can watch on the internet but still missed being there.

Hope you are feeling better soon - and the picture at the bottom? Hilarious!

Love the new pic at the top!
Sharlyn said…
Hey, dear friend! Bob was walking by and said, "What's wrong with that guy??" Love the poetry. Hope you are feeling better soon.
Carrie said…
Hope you get to feeling better soon! Love the new blog/title/whatever picture! The puppies sure aren't puppies anymore!
Ronda said…
Such a funny girl you are....loved the poem and picture! :) Hope that you are feeling better!!(P.S.Great picture of you and your hubby at the top!)
I hope you feel better soon. In answer to your earlier question to me...I am due may 29. Thankfully I got over my flu bout...about a month ago. It was ugly! I enjoyed your writing...quite funny.
Isn't it wonderful...that we prego people have to tough most of it out without the aid of "drugs".
GodSeeker said…
You'd make a great Mrs. Suess!! I loved it!! But the picture at the bottom. Funny. I don't remember you looking anything like that. Maybe it's just the flu. Prayers for a speedy recovery!! Pregnancy and flu sure don't mix well. c.
tacomom said…
I was feeling about the same way over the weekend. Thankfully, I have a longer list of approved meds with this pregnancy than I did with the others. Hope my baby comes out normal! loL!
Jenna Dewhurst said…
lol you're funny! Very Creative!
Jenna Dewhurst said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
~Heather~ said…
Very cute poem...hope y'all are feeling better. =)
Andy said…
i would laugh, but since i've had the flu the last two days i am afraid to even cough.
So cute, Sarah! I can relate - especially to the buck for each used tissue - thing! Groan.

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