Ridiculous Ode to the Flu

by sarahmfry, February 15, 2009
How could a chest cough - When given its way
Turn into a menacing flu in one day!
It sounds sorta fun - to be lazy and calm
Lie down in the bed and use lots of lip balm
Watching movies and reading (if my eyes would stop burning)
Counting blessings - at least my intestines aren't churning!
My body can't tell if it's hot or it's cold
I feel like I'm ancient - a hundred years old!
Oh the aching and throbbing, the tissues and snot
When coughing, my chest hurts an awfully lot
No dinner and dancing for Valentine romance
'Tho pizza and movies were better to finance
If Angie will post of her date, I will see
How it feels to have romance vicariously
I wish that I had a small buck for each tissue
That lies in the trash like a used-up old issue
I've watched a few ditties from Bill and Mark Lowery
But I missed both fine sermons of Pastor Mark Mowery
I'm not sharing woes, or even complaining
I'm just bored to tears - all this resting is draining
So I thought I would bless you, dear blogging-world friend
With a Dr. Seuss-nonsensic-rhyme from my pen.


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