Water, Mommy?

by sarahmfry, January 10, 2009
End of very, very rough day.

Girls in bed. Daddy gone late. Bubba in bed with me because of a late nap and noisy wiggles that would keep the room in an uproar.

Sick, exhausted, and cranky Mommy trying desperately to get to sleep. Bubba has more wiggles than his tiny 2-year-old body can hold.

Finally, I set it to him straight.

"Mommy is sick. I'm tired. And you're going to have to settle down so I can get some rest. Move over, lay still, and let me sleep. You can rub my back if you want to. "

He likes the idea to expend his energy and help the mother he loves.

"Okay. Scoot ovuh, Mommy." He makes a nest and tries to scratch my back, but realizes it's hard to scratch a back when you're laying down. I start to fade into beautiful oblivion. I feel him rustle, vaguely hear him ask me if I want some water. I don't respond. My back is to him.

Next thing I know, he's HANDING me a drink - with the water bottle upside down!

The little, sweet booger poured half a bottle of water ON MY HEAD!

I scream and jump up as the cold water soaks my head, my hair, my pillow, my sheets.

"Bubby, WHY did you do that?!"

(in shock) "I just try give water, Mommy!" "I just try water!" "I can clean it up!"

He grabs a tiny shred of tissue and starts dabbing at the wet mess on my pillow.

I stop his efforts, tell him it's okay......And my heart melts. I'm still wet and cold and mildly irritated, but I hug and love this little bundle who tried so hard to help mommy feel better.

I feel pretty loved. Wet...but loved.

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