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Romantic Activity

I made the mistake on Sunday at dinner of telling David across the table that I think I may have seen some "Romantic Activity" between the dogs and that we'd better watch them close because Mya may be "ready to go" soon.

Sometimes it's obnoxious to have sharp and attentive children. Kayla's little ears perked up and she started asking questions, wanting me to fill in the missing information. We have a pretty open philosophy about teaching the facts of life around here, and she knows quite a bit. I told her that I thought Mya might be able to get pregnant soon. That wasn't enough. This kid always pushes you past the 6-year-old answers that you're comfortable enough and makes you squirm. I didn't feel like delving into it in front of my father-in-law, brother-in-law and dingy and giggly but curious 4-year-old. So I just gave that age old cop-out....

"I'll explain it to you later, Dear."

The moral of the story? Never tell your husband at the dinner table that you saw "romantic activity" between your dogs.

Never forget that wise piece of advice.
Carrie said...

Ha! Leave it to kids (and you always think it's those times they're not listening or don't really care anyway!)

Wow, I can't believe your "puppies" are that old already!

jenny said...

I think this is very much a personality issue sometimes as well. One of ours was extremely inquisitive when younger...finely got everything cleared up (in his mind) and now it's no big deal. The other laughs nervously every time it comes up. And, this is irrespective of their ages.

Excited for the new baby! So happy you got to go to Ireland!!!

Angie said...

It's also a sad day when you can no longer safely spell things in front of them... :o)

Charity said...

Don't you just love those awkward moments? ;o)

sankey family said...

That's funny!

Juwah said...

Ok, I have that one written down...."avoid romantic dog stories at the table." Thank you. :0)

Jenna Dewhurst said...

I'll keep that in mind! lol

Pecks Place said...

I love kids!!! They keep you on your toes.

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