N.Ireland - Day 3, Sunday

by sarahmfry, December 31, 2008
Sunday morning dawned bright and early on the plane - somewhere between Iceland and Ireland. The flight crew pulled their sly trick of abruptly turning on the cabin lights to wake everyone up for breakfast. Breakfast was a soft warm croissant with butter and jam, a banana, juice, and mints. They also were so kind to provide a wet wipe for freshening your hands and face after a miserable night.

We arrived about 20 minutes late in Dublin, Ireland. Customs was very easy on us. We got our first passport stamps (Canada, Mexico and the Cayman Islands hadn't required passports in the past). Mark and De live about 3 hours away from Dublin in Northern Ireland.

Let me just pause right here to give a short bit of history/geography to those who may not know. Northern Ireland is not actually part of Ireland. It is part of the UK (the United Kingdom: which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.) This separation occurred in 1921. Before then, the South of Ireland would have actually been under English rule as well.

So... back to our arrival on Sunday morning. Because of De and Mark's Sunday morning schedule, Mark's wonderful brother Peter (who lives in Portadown, much closer to Dublin) picked us up at the airport and drove us to Colerain.

De and I cried and hugged and I got the grand tour of their adorable & cozy home. Then we had a delicious meal. (More on the food and eating customs later!)

David and I crashed for a little nap, then we headed to the evening service.

The ladies wear hats to church here as head coverings. So I borrowed one of De's adorable hats. I look atrocious in hats.

David gave a testimony (not the 30 sec. kind we're used to) and I sang a song, and it was wonderful to meet their warm and real congregation of people. And they have under-the-pew heaters! Toasty.

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