For the love of air

Kids are being silly on my bed. I hear from the other room a very loud, very hard crash. I wait patiently as the wails begin to see which child will appear around the corner.

The wails belong to Karissa, who holds her tummy and presents her banged elbow for kisses. I kiss and coo awhile. She continues to hold her tummy and sobs..."It makes me want to not breave, it hurts so bad!"

"Well, then why don't you just stop breaving for awhile?"

(through sincere sobs) "I CAN'T!......I love to breave!"


Jenna Dewhurst said…
lol lol lol
Deanna said…
tough mommy-- why don't you stop breathing... Sounds more like me than thee! lol
Toots said…
You gave me two good laughs today! This one and the water post above! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
I told Travis once when I was expecting an important phone call to be quiet matter of fact I said don't even breath. When I hung up he said Oh Thank God I can breath now I "sought" I was gonna die. (yeah he played mind games even back when he was 3)
Kathie said…
I just love to read comments about your children! you always have the cutest things to say! thanks for sharing!

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