First Baby Visit

by sarahmfry, January 26, 2009
I finally got to my first OB appointment. It was amazing how many setbacks I seemed to have actually getting there. (I chose Witham, by the way, for all of you ladies who have given me advice for about a year and a half on who to go to around here!) I love my doctor, and she came up with an excuse to give me an early ultrasound. Love it when docs do that. Baby #4 looks curled and cozy. Caiden and Karissa were not impressed with the ultrasound picture. Kayla thought it was pretty cool. Don't have the picture to scan now, because it's hanging in David's office at school.

Official due date: July 31st.

I've had some improvement in my exhaustion and nausea, too! Not entirely gone, but I definetely have good days now. What a relief to be dug out from under the Holidays mountain!

I think Caiden is finally catching on that there's something going on about a baby. He just can't figure out what. He's rooted around in my shirt trying to find the baby, then came up with some story about swallowing it. (How else would one get a baby in one's tummy?)

I think we're all going to be very impatient waiting for this kid. We're already missing it, and talking about where it will sit and where we'll fit it around the bed during prayer time and where it will fit when we're all cuddled up together. It's a good thing we've got a nutso-busy summer. Maybe that will help the time pass.

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