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By the way....

We have lots & lots more pictures from our N. Ireland trip. (around 1500 or so). I put in the general skeleton of what we did each day, and David added a few pictures below...

But we have jumped back into real life, and I'm afraid the story was not told very well. Sorry.

I'd love to tell the rest of the lovely story of our days with De and Mark....But no promises. Energy is being seriously rationed these days.

I do miss them already - so much.

I just made my first pavlova (delectable Irish fruit-and-meringue dessert). It's HUGE! I had no idea it would double in size. Maybe I'll take a picture of the finished product. I have so much more about the food I wanted to tell you. But like I said....energy rations.
Nancy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed ALL your pictures. What a BEAUTIFUL place to visit. So glad you both could go. And I can tell you that your kids looked happy and healthy both times I saw them. In church and at the zoo! They seemed to be having a great time with the grandparents. So much so that I told your Mom to be sure and tell you they were missing you a LITTLE bit....Moms need to feel wanted and missed every so often!!! LOL!

Jenna Dewhurst said...

Glad you had a good time!

tacomom said...

Hey, hey! You are under the 200 day mark (there's no place to comment under the baby ticker! lol!) Congrats!! Do you have a doctor yet?

sankey family said...

Just loved every one of your pictures! So glad you got to go on this awesome trip. Love and hugs.

Lady Jen said...

You've been tagged for a photo meme as one of my favorite blogs to follow! Stop by and get the details at joyeverafter.blogspot.com!

Love the header photo!

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