What a happy thing

Well....it WAS a happy thing I just posted about, but stinkin'-nasty blogger went and LOST THE WHOLE THING!

Happy Sarah is now going to bed. You'll just have to wait for the happy thing.


~Heather~ said…
Sorry about you loosing the Happy thing that you were going to post about.

Congrats!!! How exciting to have another baby Fry in the making. =)

Loved the pics of Maria Coleman, you did a great job. Also enjoyed seeing the pics of Andreas wedding.

I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas season.
tacomom said…
Are you sure that NONE of it is in your DRAFTS?? That is so annoying when that happens. And btw, looking to the right just reminded me that I'd been meaning to get one of those little counters for my blog. Off to find it.
tacomom said…
P.S. did you know if you clicked on the numbers on the counter that it changes?? Tells how many days to go and how many days and weeks it's been so far. Cool!!
Carrie said…
Yep, check your drafts. You shouldn't ever be losing posts again! Now THAT'S a happy thought!
Thanks, Sara & Carrie, but THAT hope has already been dashed. Blogger hates me.
Mary Ellen said…
I'll be waiting to read of your happy thing....

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