by sarahmfry, December 15, 2008
I owe you all a humongous apology for getting you all excited and worked up about my happy thing and then leaving you hanging in utter suspense for weeks on end.

My happy thing was that my disc drive, which I've been desperate for, was fixed by following my brilliant friend Nelda's advice to plug it into its own power source. I was elated. And I made it through one senior pictures disc-making before it started freezing up my computer. So now I'm frustrated again. Pro*Byte can't even figure out what's wrong. I have some other things to try before I give up and bash the thing with a sledge hammer. If you're one of the many waiting for pictures from me I apologize profusely.

On another note --
aHHH. Pregnancy. I knew it stunk, but I forgot how bad. I am an avid promoter of adoption for many reasons. Pregnancy is one of them. (Trust me - I'm not making light of people whose deepest desire is to bear their own child. It is a blessing for which I am miserably and nauseatingly thankful.)

I feel like I'm dragging myself around from room to room, then I wander around the room trying to figure out what in the world I'm doing there and where to start! I'm not complaining or asking for any type of sympathy, mind you. Just talking girl talk. Telling you where I am.

Thankfully, so far this time pregnancy has hit me more in the tired category instead of the tears category. But then again, maybe I'd rather be busy and sobbing than happy and sleeping. Huh. Now THAT sentence didn't make a lick of sense. I'm literally sitting here laughing out loud at myself. That's not exactly how I meant it to sound.

I just miss being productive! I try to get at least one or two big projects done a day ("big" meaning that it is on my driving-me-crazy-because-it's-not-done list). But other than that it honestly sorta feels like I take one step forward, ten steps back. Oh well. Productivity will return in about 3 months. And then....


I just love nesting. It's like a giant race to your due date and you have just so many months to get your entire life organized before the screaming, pooping lizard pops into your world and deprives you of nutrition and sleep while bringing utter joy and satisfaction.

I think late pregnancy might be my most productive times of my whole life. I've had.....well....3....of them. (Doesn't sound like I lead a very productive live, huh?) That's why I have to keep having a baby every two or three years - to keep this place reasonably orgainzed! I remember with one baby when my nesting whirlwind reached and linen closet, I didn't stop at decluttering and organizing it. I labeled the shelves..."King sheets" "Table cloths" "Napkins" "Pillow Cases"
Trust me, it was out of control. But really cool, nonetheless.

The only kind of nesting I'm doing right now is scooping the laundry into one big giant nest on the floor so that I can drag my listless frame into bed.

So for now, I'll get back to my anti-nausea Ginger Ale guzzling and leave you to ponder these deep and glorious thoughts.

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